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See Clearly and in Style

The right pair of glasses can help you see the world clearly while fitting in with your personal sense of style. Kelley Opticians has, over the span of over 50 years, helped countless people enjoy the finest eyewear perfect for everything from weekends at the beach to starring at the computer during work.

We know what it is like to need the perfect pair of glasses. We offer a wide selection of designer eyewear that is sure to include a design perfect for your personality and style.

Our Commitment

We care about your vision and how it impacts your quality of life. Before every order, we talk with you about your lifestyle and how you will be using your glasses. Different lenses and protective coatings are best suited for varying purposes. For instance, if you drive frequently at night, we may recommend glasses with an anti-glare coating and a separate pair for when you are working at your computer.

Unlike chain stores, we place your vision above our profits. As a family-operated practice, we will finish the lenses in the store, and provide you with your new glasses. We are not about quickly, we are about quality! 


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