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The Best Glasses for Children

Helping a child find the perfect pair of glasses can be a daunting challenge, especially if it is their first pair. Kelley Opticians has the experience needed to help you make getting a pair of glasses a relaxing and fun occasion for your child.

Wide Variety Available

We offer a wide variety of frames, perfect to match your child’s tastes and your budget. For our youngest clients, we offer the sturdiest frames available, we use shatter and scratch resistant lenses that will extend the life of the glasses.

All your child will have to do is find the frames with the perfect style, and we will make sure that they will fit comfortably.

Quickly Receive the Glasses

After picking out the frames and determining the appropriate prescription, we will finish the lenses on site and mount them. We offer quick turnaround times so that your children can get back to playing, going to school, and living life with clear vision.


We offer safety eyewear as well. Contact us at 916-483-9293 or