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Providing Quality Safety Eyewear

Safety equipment not only helps prevent accidents, it increases the comfort and flexibility of workers handling a wide variety of tasks. Kelley Opticians has produced quality eye safety glasses for over 50 years, working with some of the largest companies in American history to protect the vision of their workers.

Why Use Safety Eyewear?

From a business perspective, it is the legal and ethical obligation of an employer to do everything possible to mitigate the risk of injury to an employee during the course of the work day. Numerous state and federal laws and regulations dictate that if it can be shown that an accident could have been prevented through simple measures on the employer’s part, then the employer may be held financially responsible for the repercussions.

For employees, safety eyewear provides a measure of protection against everything that comes with industry, from dangerous liquids in a lab to the odd screw being dropped at a construction site. They are designed to act much like the bumper on your car – taking the worst of the blow while keeping the more important components safe from harm.


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